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Elephant Jungle sanctuary Phuket

Elephant jungle sanctuary Phuket

The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Phuket is a popular and ethical elephant sanctuary that provides a safe and caring environment for rescued elephants. It’s one of several sanctuaries in Thailand that promote responsible tourism and focus on the well-being and happiness of the elephants.

At the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, visitors have the opportunity to interact with the elephants in a respectful and non-intrusive manner. The sanctuary offers various programs, such as feeding the elephants, observing them in their natural habitat, and bathing them in the mud or water, which the elephants thoroughly enjoy.

Elephant jungle sanctuary Feed & Shower

The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary “Feed & Shower” program is a popular and ethical elephant experience offered by the sanctuary. The program is designed to give visitors a respectful and unobtrusive interaction with the elephants. along with feeding and bathing them to freshen up

During the “Feed & Bathe” program, participants are often given the opportunity to feed the elephants their favorite food, such as bananas, sugarcane or other fruits. This interaction allows visitors to bond with the elephants and see their gentle and playful nature up close.