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Elephant jungle sanctuary Feed & Shower

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket offers this unique experience twice daily (program start times below).

Morning ‘Feed & Shower’ Experience Start Time: 10:00

Afternoon ‘Feed & Shower’ Experience Start Time: 14:00

Please note that the above times are start times for the program, and not pick up times.


# Time Actions

The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary's "Feed & Shower" is  a wonderful and educational experience for visitors. The program typically includes the following features

Transportation from your place of accommodation to our location

Educational introduction: Before the elephant interactions begin, participants receive an educational briefing about elephant anatomy, behavior, and history. This helps visitors understand and appreciate these gentle giants better.

Feeding and interaction: Visitors get the opportunity to feed the elephants, interact with them, and observe their natural behavior in a safe and respectful environment. This creates a meaningful and memorable experience for tourists.

Photography: Participants are usually allowed to take photos with the elephants during the program, which allows them to capture special moments and memories

Shower with elephants: The highlight of the program is often the opportunity to shower with the resident elephants in a specially 

1,800.00 THB
1,300.00 THB
1,800.00 THB
1,300.00 THB
  • Round-trip transfer from your place of accommodation (additional fees may apply).
  • Educational introduction to elephant anatomy, behaviour, and history.
  • Feed, interact with, photograph, and observe elephants in a natural environment.
  • Shower with our resident elephants in a custom-built outdoor shower


    • Hat

    • Bathing Suit

    • Sunscreen

    • Insect Repellent

    • Towel

    • Change of Clothes

    • Shoes

    • Copy of Passport Photo Page
    (or Passport Number)


    • Camera

    • Reusable Bottle